Secret Lures

Written by Dave Mercer on March 29, 2011

So here is one of the biggest dilemmas I face in my line of work. As an angler we all have a few traits that no matter how hard we try, we can’t change them; it’s encoded in our DNA. One of those is the urge or need to keep secrets. All anglers have it. Whether its a secret spot, technique or lure, we all have them and don’t want anyone to know about them. Its just how we are made up & there is no changing that.

So what’s the dilemma ? Well, my job as a TV show host is also to tell you guys about hot new baits or techniques as I hear about them or figure them out. Sometimes I try to keep them to myself but there are some you just can’t hide. One of those is the Live Target phenomena that seems to be everywhere right now. That’s why, when I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Field & Stream and saw the Live Target Crawfish Crankbait on the cover my first thought was, ‘OH NO!! NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO KNOW ABOUT IT!’

But then I remembered that I had already let that secret out of my bag of tricks so it’s OK lol. Congrats to the whole Live Target Team on making the cover of Field & Stream and being part of Field & Stream best lures list.

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  • Nick D

    That was a great issue! I liked that it even gave tips on use for each lure.

  • Nick D

    That was a great article. I especially liked that it gave tips on use for each lure.

  • Christopher Barr

    Def. a 5 out of 5 on this article… Very interesting!

    Chris (The Ottawa Valley ON.)