Ready for Arkansas?

Written by Sarah on June 9, 2011

Woo pig sooie!

The 7th of 8 events on the 2011 Elite Series schedule launches tomorrow and the stakes are big for those involved. There’s an Angler of the Year title, post-season berths, Classic berths and even spots in next year’s Elite Series at stake. Unfortunately, BASS history on the Arkansas River is limited. The last time they visited was for an Elite 50 in 2006, which as the name would suggest had, ahem, 55 entrants. Thus, most of the field has never even competed there. So with a sample size of less than one tournament per angler, past results don’t necessarily indicate anything, but the following nuggets may affect your predictions.

  • Terry Scroggins, currently leading the AOY race, finished last in 2006 – he blanked (tying three anglers including Kota Kiryama and Todd Faircloth);
  • KVD, everybody’s all star, is in 2nd now – he finished 11th out of 55 in 2006. A top 20% finish will help him, but it won’t put the race away by any means;
  • Skeet Reese, struggling to make the Classic now, was 43rd out of 55 in ’06;
  • Stephen Browning, a son of Little Rock, finished a disappointing 36th;
  • The news wasn’t all bad for the river rats, though. Scott Rook, Greg Hackney and Kevin Short finished 1-2-3. Hack is on the Classic bubble right now. The other two are likely out of it, unless they win, but only ONE angler can win;
  • Don’t count out Mike McClelland. All of the pundits seem to forget he’s from Arkansas. He may be a structure fishing genius, not normally considered a shallow water guy, but he has multiple BASS wins on river systems and was 8th in 2006;
  • Alton Jones, desperate to claim the AOY title, was 33rd last time.

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