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Written by Dave Mercer on December 22, 2010

Why is it time for a change? Well, that is a tough question to ask a guy like me. I am like most anglers; one of the most stubborn people you have ever met in your life! If I find something that catches fish, you’re going to have a hard time getting me to put it down to try something new. However, every once in a while something special comes along that just changes everything.

That special something is Live Target Lures. The first time I saw them was a number of years ago and I was blown away by how life-like and ultra realistic they looked and felt – that’s right, I said felt. These baits don’t just look real but they are shaped real and have a 3D texture and shape just like the real thing but aren’t quite as messy to store. lol. The shape really is one of the coolest things about these baits. I have always found it weird that some lures can be a perch or a crayfish just by changing colors and not changing the shape at all. It does not make sense, a perch and a crayfish are two totally different shapes, right?  However, the stubborn side of me came out and I said what I’m using is fine, so why change?

That stubborn side was quickly beaten down after I finally gave them a shot two summers ago. I found I was catching more fish on them in almost every situation I fished them. The baits I had been using were great baits but lets face it; our lakes, rivers & streams are getting clearer and the fish have more pressure on them than almost any time in the past. Sooooo, it only make sense that the more real a lure looks the more fish you are going to catch on it. Lets be honest, that’s what its all about – catching more fish, right?

I guess you have to look at lures no different than you would your computer. I thought the computer that I had ten years ago was great. It worked and it would still work today. But there are better and faster computers now and that’s what we use. If you ask me, Live Target Lures are the hottest, best performing lures on the market today and that’s why I am using them. Technology changed and so did my lure choice and I’m pretty sure once you give them a try, so will yours.


LIVETARGET signs Facts of Fishing host Dave Mercer

Grand Island, NY – Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp, the makers of LIVETARGET life- like lures are pleased to announce that Dave Mercer, the host of Facts of Fishing, has joined the LIVETARGET prostaff team.
“Dave brings an incredible energy and enthusiasm to our team,” states Grant Koppers, who launched the LIVETARGET brand in 2007. “Dave has a very unique and fun approach to showcasing his sponsors across multimedia platforms. Dave’s sense of humor and ability to entertain both novice and avid anglers while offering education are his greatest assets and a substantial addition to our team.”

Mercer comments, “I can’t even start to explain how excited I am to be working with the Livetarget team. Their lures have an incredibly life-like action; they are ultra-realistic and most importantly…they REALLY get eaten! I have been a real fan of the product line for several years. I am equally impressed with the company’s growth pattern and feel we make a great long-term match.”
Mercer joins Stephen Browning, David Walker and Charlie Wray on the LIVETARGET team.

About Dave Mercer – Dave Mercer Outdoors Inc. is the originator and the world’s largest producer of one-minute fishing interstitials called Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing. The brand grew rapidly and with overwhelming viewer demand, Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing THE SHOW (DMO) soon evolved. DMO also produces radio programming and a series of DVD’s. All of these properties feature Pro Angler and Fishing Funny Man, Dave Mercer. His unique and original blend of humor, entertainment and education has made him one of Canada’s most recognized and revered anglers. For further information please visit www.factsoffishing.com.

About Koppers Fishing & Tackle Corp. – Koppers Fishing is the manufacturer of the LIVETARGET life-like lure brand. The premium baits feature state of the art tooling and painting processes to create a lure that almost jumps out of the box with realism. Livetarget can be found in most major chains and independent retailers throughout North America. Livetarget recently took top honors at the 2010 ICAST Show, winning the Best New Soft Lure, with their hollow bodied Frog. For additional information please visit www.livetargetlures.com.

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  • Mike Taraschi

    That’s awesome man!! Congrats!
    They are the sweetest lures I’ve seen.


  • Shawn Beaumont

    Those frogs look amazing def gonna pick a few up and the perch will be deadly on LPB for pike.

  • Grimmer2467

    can you take me fishing sometime

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could but I’m sure you understand that free time is really not something I have a lot of sorry


  • Lytsfamke2

    love this picture of you!!!! nice fish too!