Notes from the Sunshine Showdown

Written by Sarah on March 14, 2011

From the home office in Yeehaw Junction, Florida, here’s our top ten for the week gone by:

  • This was the first time in recorded history that two anglers named after precious metals finished in the top ten in BASS competition (Goldbeck 2nd, Golden 6th).
  • Did Vegas have odds on whether there’d be more VanDams in the top ten  (2) than Lanes (1)? Double or nothing next week on the St. Johns?  Don’t sleep on JVD next week — in the BASS Open on the St. Johns in 2008, he finished 3rd (5 places ahead of Bobby Lane, 36 places ahead of Chris Lane, 53 places ahead of Russ Lane and 117 places ahead of Arnie Lane. Lois Lane sat that one out with a migraine).
  • Most frequently-heard statement on stage on Day One: “I normally don’t do well in Florida”
  • The last time Shaw Grigsby won a BASS event Bradley Roy was still in elementary school.
  • Of Grigsby’s 9 BASS wins, 3 have been in Florida, 3 have been in Georgia and 3 have occurred in Texas.
  • Highest finishing rookie after JVD? Lee Sisson (13th).
  • Number of anglers named Ott in the top 20: one.
  • Dating back to last season, that’s two consecutive top six finishes for Pat Golden.
  • This was the first top 12 for Alton Jones since 2009.
  • Win some lose some – Dean Rojas was the first man out of the money at the Harris Chain. Florida was also the scene of his greatest career triumph so far, the record-setting 2001 Toho derby.

This blog is courtesy of Pete Robbins; Facts of Fishing blogger and all around great guy!

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