Newest Member of The Facts of Fishing Team.

Written by Dave Mercer on June 30, 2010

We are pleased to announce that our Facts of Fishing team has grown again. The newest member of our team is a short, furry dude from Texas. We are not sure what she will do around here as far as work but she seems to make everyone smile so that’s a good thing. As with most things we do around here, we did not add her to the team in a normal way. On this past weekend’s trip to Texas we met this little bundle of fur and poop and my wife feel in love with her. During my wife’s negotiations with me about why we should take here home, I thought I would be the smart guy and simply not just say no; I’m smarter than that. I told her if you can get Canada and U.S Custom’s to allow us to bring her home without too much work we can keep her. I assumed that bringing a live animal across the boarder would need a mountain of paperwork and weeks of quarantine. Man, was I wrong! It turns out its harder to get a carton of smokes across the boarder than a 8 week old Texas puppy (wow – that really backfired on me). So thanks to Canada customs we now have a brand new puppy, lol. Since we met her at a ranch in Texas it seemed fitting to call her Tex.

  • Jeff

    Welcome Tex! I hope she's a good swimmer!

  • Pgarnier

    how cute TEX is
    Welcome to the Facts of Fishing team

  • Carlson

    I tex, welcome to Canada

  • Fergy_01

    Welcome to Canada Tex Good Luck Out On The Water !!!!!!!!