New Year’s Power Tip

Written by Dave Mercer on December 28, 2010

Okay – so it’s almost the year 2011; what happened? People are not flying around in jet packs or tellaporting from place to place like we once thought they would be by now. But I guess there have been a bunch of cool things come out especially in the fishing world.

One thing that I really think is helping more people catch fish today than anything in the past is braided line like Power Pro. Let’s face it, the main reason that some people catch more fish than others is because they feel the fish more and as much as we all try to blame it on a bunch of other hokey reasons; that is the plain old honest truth. If you don’t feel a fish bite it’s hard to catch it.

Another benefit to using Power Pro is the fact that you only have to change it once every year as opposed to every few weeks. Which means this stuff will not only catch you a bunch more fish because your going to feel them but it also saves you a bunch of time and money. So here is my tip for you and its something I started doing a few years ago. At the end of the season I will strip all the line off my reels that way before I head out on my first trip of the year I have to spool up some fresh line. This is also a good time to back off all the drags on your reels for storage.

Little tricks like this are going to insure that you are rigged and ready to rock when you do get to fishville  and hey, if you have not done it yet, you can start off the new year right and do it now. Lastly if you have not tried fishing with Power Pro yet that should be your New Year’s resolution this year. Start feeling what everyone is talking about this year.

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