More Potty Humor

Written by Sarah on April 7, 2011

Ok, this is the second blog entry in a row dealing with New Zealand, but it just so happened that there’s another story fresh off the wire that caught my attention. This one reads: “Great Fishing in Pupuke.”

Given the fact that my sense of humor is slightly less refined than that of your average 7 year old, the word “Pupuke” made me laugh. The only thing that might’ve been better is if they spelled it “Poo Puke.” Kind of like the old Chinese restaurant staple, the Pupu Platter. Still elicits a belly laugh from this perpetual preteen.

Apparently the place has pretty good trout fishing and is the host to an annual contest. Based on yesterday’s information, I’d say that if you fish the tournament and want an area to yourself, go with some lion poo as a deterrent to other competitors. No word yet on whether lion puke is as good.

Another great blog written by Pete Robbins; Facts of Fishing blogger.

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