More Cat Scratch Fever

Written by Sarah on August 17, 2011

British angler  Chris Grimmer recently landed this freakshow albino catfish which reportedly weighed 194 pounds and was just about 8 feet long. What the heck kind of stinkbait do you need to reel in that kind of whiskery whiteness?

He caught it near Barcelona, Spain. Too bad no one knew the potential that existed there just a few years ago – they could’ve turned catfish noodling into an Olympic event

He released it alive, for some other lucky (?!?) angler to catch.

Since I have a slightly skewed view of everything, there was one throwaway line in the story about this that caught my attention. The former albino catfish recordholder, Sheila Penfold, also of England, is BLIND. Not to take anything away from her short-lived record (she caught her 192 pounder last October), but how sad is it that she couldn’t see her prey to realize how atypical it was?

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