Like a Sturgeon….Caught for the Very First Time

Written by Sarah on April 15, 2011

Rumors are flying around about a supposed 12-foot long, 1,000 pound plus sturgeon that was reportedly hooked last week in California. Remember that big salmon you caught last summer? If true, this sucker weighed 20 times as much. What about Paul Elias’ record-setting catch on Falcon Lake 3 years ago? This freak of the deep weighed 8 times as much as his four days of limits combined.

According to the semi-lucky angler (and possible partaker of odd herbs), the sturgeon towed him 6 miles in his boat. Imagine flipping your jig and pig into some tullies, seeing that telltale tick, setting the hook and….getting dragged out to sea.

How would you target something like that? Your biggest swimbait? A 3 foot Senko? The neighbor’s Rottweiler? According to, a “mud shrimp” was his bait of choice. Ain’t no sponsorship opportunities in that.

This blog is written by Pete Robbins, Dave’s good buddy and Facts of Fishing blogger.

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  • Ted Empson

    I recently fished for Sturgeon in the Colombia River. I had never caught one and only seen a few in tanks. I just wanted to add a new fish to my bucket list. I figured if I got one I would be happy, maybe a three footer. I finally hooked up and a tough forty five min struggle followed. The fish never broke water till it was next to the boat. I almost fell overboard when it turned out to be ten ft long and weighed an estimated five hundred lbs. by my guide. I had forgotten my camera so all I got was a sick cell phone shot. Due to regulations they can’t be taken out of the water. That fish has me still wondering if it actually happened.