Let it snow?

Written by Sarah on October 3, 2011

I’ve fished tournaments in the snow before, but the coldest I’ve ever been while in a boat was on a day when it WASN’T snowing. It was the first day of the 2008 Bassmaster Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell. When I think of SOUTH Carolina, it’s warm weather, good fishing and good food that pops into my mind, but that day was miserable. The temps reached a high of 37 or so and the rain varied between spitting and pouring – snow would have been better.

Warm weather? Nope.

Good food? Well, I had a soggy sandwich or two, but it was nothing gourmet.

Good fishing? Maybe for Kelly Jordon, whose boat I was in, but as a media observer my main tools were a notebook and a pen. I wasn’t allowed to fish. At least my camera didn’t freeze up.

I recall that day because many of us are at the time of the year when warmth gives way to cold. Last week I fished in a t-shirt. Tomorrow morning when I launch the boat it’ll be in the 40s. I’ve got all of the good gear I need – insulated boots, gloves, a face mask – but I still dread it. I’ve found that once you have the right clothing, the next best technique for staying warm is just to have a good mental attitude and block out the bad conditions. If you can do that, you’ve got a leg up on everyone else who’s cursing the nipply weather.

But surely there must be other tricks for wimps like me. I remember a number of years ago hearing about bass anglers fishing Lake of the Ozarks in December using small electric heaters in the boat to warm their hands and defrost their reels. I’m not sure I like having those heating coils anywhere near my gas tanks. Anything else a little, you know, safer??? Or am I better off just moving to the equator? Then you’d have to read a bunch of blog entries about electrolyte drinks and cooling mechanisms. I suppose the best way to forget about weather extremes is to get on a hot bite – no matter what species it is, that has a tendency to comfort you in a hurry.

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