Knot Another Loop

Written by Sarah on October 17, 2011

The other day, while talking to Aaron Martens (or actually while listening to Aaron Martens – dude has some thoughts about just about everything), he mentioned went into his extensive theories on knots.  In particular, he uses a lot of braided line with fluorocarbon leaders and likes to join them together with a double uni knot. He was quite adamant that when bringing the two disparate lines together it’s imperative to have 12 loops on each side. Not 13 (I suppose that would be unlucky) and 11 is apparently too few. A dozen times two is, as Goldilocks said, “just right.”

He also mentioned that he made fun of another pro for continuing to use a Palomar knot in his everyday fishing. I won’t call the other guy out, but let’s just say it’s someone who has won one of the bass fishing’s major championships and a couple of six figure checks along the way.

So not only is Martens a perfectionist, he’s also a knot snob. Then again, the results speak for themselves.

This blog is courtesy of Pete Robbins, Dave’s good buddy and Facts of Fishing blogger.

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