In The Buff

Written by Sarah on June 17, 2011

If Shaw Grigsby can wear one of these goofy things, then so can I, right?

I got this Buff face/neck/head/ears guard this year at the Bassmaster Classic and it inspired me to be serious about a New Years resolution that I make every year — to be better about protecting myself from the sun’s evil rays. Yes, my neck is red, I have “reverse raccoon eyes” and a “Teva Tan” but I’m really trying harder to be better.

We’ve all seen the guy at the tournaments with the neck that looks like it’s made of leather or the pus oozing out of the back of his hands. I don’t want to be that guy. After seeing pros like Mark Menendez and Gary Dobyns get afflicted with various levels of skin cancer, I’m vowing to do my damnedest not to become a statistic. It’s hard, though. Even though a sunscreen application is part of my morning ritual on fishing days, once I get caught up in chunking and winding, it’s hard to remember to reapply. Long sleeves and the neck protection help, but they can’t be everywhere at every moment. And no one has yet invented a full-body sun condom.

I did, however, purchase some 85 SPF goop (not kidding). By Thanksgiving the stuff may make me albino.

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  • Christopher Barr

    Meh, I burn once and i`m good for the rest of the year haha… You only live once…