I Want To Take 20,000 Facebookers Fishing

Written by Dave Mercer on November 8, 2010

So as most of you know I’m a bit of a social media freak. When I’m not on the water and even sometimes when I am on the water, I spend a ton of time on Facebook & Twitter. That’s why I’m so proud of the fact that our facebook page now has over 20,000 fans or like, as facebook now calls them. That’s right: 20,000 and every time I say or even type it I’m still amazed that 20,000 like me and our little show Facts of Fishing .

So here’s the deal. Over the last few weeks we knew or hoped that we may soon crack the 20,000 fan mark so we started to think of something special that we could do to celebrate it. After a few days of thinking around the water cooler over here at Facts of Fishing world wide head quarters we still had no ideas. So we turned to our Facebook fans and asked them or you depending on who is reading this what we should do. Well, we sure got some great ideas! However, we did not have it in the budget to give everyone a boat or to stage a huge party called DAVESTOCK (although we do hope to do DAVESTOCK one day in the future lol). The # 1 thing people wanted was for me to take one of them fishing so that’s what I’m going to do.  I really wish I could take every single member fishing but there is just not enough room on my boat and even if there was, our lines would get all tangled. So I will be picking my fishing buddy at the end of the week and if you think that it should be you then let me know. All you have to do is leave a comment, post a picture or even a video of why it should be you on our facebook page and maybe we will be going fishing soon. As always we want to pick the biggest, craziest and most off-the-wall fan (I get along with crazy people better) so be creative.

I’m not sure when or where we will be going fishing or what we will even be fishing for but we will figure that out sometime soon. If you are not already a member of our facebook group this is how you find us http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dave-Mercers-Facts-of-Fishing/358291215630

Please post a comment here and let everyone know what you think of this idea.

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  • http://twitter.com/geekgurl71 Angela McGeachie

    This is absolutely a fantastic idea! You can count me and my better half in on this one. Although I'm not sure the world is ready for DaveStock yet ;-)

  • Clive

    Great stuff Dave!

  • DAVE

    This is a good plan and you can count me in.

  • Gslack

    Hey Dave!

    Sure hope it's me you take fishing, I've been a fan for a long time and think I could give you some really good come backs to your comments on your show!

    Love to fish and laugh


  • Gofishron

    Hey Funny Guy and he can fish too, pick me . . .

    Dave, your doing a great job teching people how to fish and laugh at the same time.

  • Thomas

    C'mon Dave, us big brah's have to stick together…get a bigger boat and let's get out on the water! haha!

  • Bill Ebel

    Hi Dave. I would love to go fishing with you. I have chased bass all my life and never seem to tire of the hunt. It is shows like yours that help keep the fun in fishing. Keep up the great job, let me know where tpo meet you and I might even bring lunch.


  • Mdsmith1970

    Wow,what a dream come true and what a great learning experience for you,just kidding of course. It would be a pleasure to spend some time with you and pick your brain.


  • Rob Sterling

    You are great to offer to take someone fishing. Good luck to all. It would be an awesome adventure.

  • alex

    YES Dave pick me pick me i no with all your fqn's it's going to be tough but i hope you pick me just a regular guy who loves your show and fishing .

  • Austin soars


    it would be great if you could take me fishing with you, I know we would have a blast! I just hope that I'm fortunate enough to be selected out of the 20,000 by my most favourite fisherman on TV.


    Austin Soars

  • Jim

    Awsome idea Dave, just let me know when we' are going.

  • Gmacp58

    becus im knot CRAZY ENUF I DONT HAV A HPOE IN hell! so why wood eye entr du contst

  • kevin koldesk

    Hey Dave

    As peer our previous conversation,it would be an owner and a pleasure to fish with ny favorite fishing funny man. I would love topick your head and learn different ways to fish different waters. I am a very hugh fan and friend on facebook. I would be the talk of the town Deepriver ontario and also the fishing club that I belong to,please pick me and you will not be sorry. I always have fun on the water but am very serious when catching fish. Pleeeeeeeese pick me………………………

  • Ed Santa Maria

    Dave: what you need is a Harley rider who also loves to fish. Come out to Oregon and we'll fish for Salmon and Steelhead on the Rogue River.

  • Richard Sims

    I think it should be me, cuz I'll outfish ya Dave and the people will love me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Parker/575988736 John Parker

    Dave it should be me, I could show you how to be quite and catch more large mouth. We could call it tip# sssssH!

  • factsoffishing

    Hey John,

    That would be no fun lol

  • Ed Vienneau

    Okay Dave….You think you spend a lot of time fishing and Facebooking and Tweeting?….well I spend a lot of time Dave Mercer'ing! I have bought your T-shirts, bought your Tournament Jersey, watched every episode of Facts of Fishing (twice), attended many of your seminars at various fishing shows and Bass Pro Shops. I have emailed you for advice and tips and Jared, your Subway diet doesnt work cuz I ate myself chubby trying to win Dave Mercer's boat. The highlight of my Mercer'ing career…..I posed for pictures with Dave Mercer….well Dave, you posed for pictures with me and i must say, we have quite similar physiques (thanks to Subway). Obviously I am a huge fan of yours and it would be the ultimate day for me to be able to hit the water with you!

  • factsoffishing

    Thanks for all your kind words it really does mean a lot to me to hear

    that you are such a great supporter. Good luck and I hope to see you soon.


  • Ronald Boileau

    HEY Dave:

    you are my hero, i love the show,all the contests,and all the special events.my daughter and i do the perch festival every year and just this year we did the kids event at ontario place with big Gary Baldwin and his daughter,what a blast.thanks to you and your team of helpful people.all these times spent fishing with my daughter is time we will never forget and because of your enthusiasm and organization skills it has been very exciting for me and my daughter. THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU.

    P.S. pick me for this fishing excursion and what ever the day is I will be ready,to listen and learn from a master.i am a great tube fisherman!(black&blue)docks,timbers,rock piles,brush, or any other structure.

  • rob morley

    pick me,pick me…..rum,diet coke and tall glass. After fishing of course!!

  • Kirk


    I put my 17` lowe in,on the chesapeake bay april 23.Start of rock (stripper) soon in maryland. Putted out a half mile and Wham….No more motor. After freaking out a little bit i was able to get off the rocks and back to the DOCK.. Martin Lowery @ Queenstown marine in Collage park,Md..Said…..Kirk the part is back ordered till.Ready for this……….October.AAAAAAAAhhhhhh. Im a swimming pool professional and need to fish early in the season.May comes and no fisssshing..Gotta make hay while the sunshines.ie..work.So now its october and the part is back ordered til December. With that being said i injured my rotator cuff,Trying to cast my Mercers Magic..In orange n Black off the banks of the potomac in Harpers Ferry..No fishing if you cant cast.. July 4th weekend till now..NO FISHING.Zip.Zilch.nada..none…Got it?..Mr. Mercer if i dont get out on a boat before winter,My wife and children will not survive till Spring…I have to catch and fillet Someone..ooops i mean something..LOL..

    Thanks for allowing me to vent Dave

    Kirk aka Kap10Kirk Yes kap10.

    P.S. If we are on your boat,You can be the Captian dave…Thanks

  • Caleb

    Dave please consider letting me on your show I watch it on WFN and would love to fish with you. Warning if you let me on your show you might be embarressed when I show you up in fishing.

  • Barry Friesen

    Dave, love your show! I have learned alot watching your show and often find myself on the boat thinking 'What would Dave do' in this situation? I would love to be on your show and think you should come to Lake of the Woods in NW Ontario. In fact come do a show here, it would be a different body of water for you to fish on and what a fishery it is! Pick a species, we can fish for it! I think we have a very similar sense of humor and we'd have a blast!

  • factsoffishing

    Hi Barry

    Glad you like the show and LOTW is a great body of water that I have fished a few times. We have even shot a few shows there last season.

  • Fisherwong

    I signed up on Saterday. Will I make it?

  • factsoffishing

    The winner will be announced Monday. So you will be fine

  • Fisherwong

    Just something to say Dave, I believe you are the best fisherman in the world, and I would do anything to go fishing with you or even see you. Fishing is my passion and my life, and I have dreamed of catching a trophy fish. I irratate my brother a lot, because I am always pretending to be fishing with you and catching monster fish, while being goofy, having fun, and giving tips. You have inspired me greatly, and I can't stop thanking you. My real name is Caleb Wong, and I posted 4 messages on your message board, as my total post was too long. I REALLY want to go fishing with you bad. I spend all my spare moments fishing, and reading magazines and gaining fishing knowlege. Sadly, I am the only one who loves fishing in my family, and I rarely have a chance at catching my dream fish. I am zany, funny, goofy, and a lot more, yet I am polite, friendly and respectful. I know that if anyone could help me reach my dreams, it would be you.

    Thank you, Caleb Wong

  • Fisherwong

    Please, I would sell you my life to go fishing with you for an hour…

  • Parneli

    I'll have my fishing rods and tackle box ready for that eventful day. I think this is a very good idea. What better way to get more great tips and ideas then right there from the horse's mouth..and I mean that in a “NICE” way

  • R Thibault

    I was going to cry about how little fishing I got to do this year. I was so busy helping everyone with their chores and/or problems that I still haven't wet a line this year, but I look at what Fisherwong has to say and I think that maybe he really should get to go with you. What the heck, there is still a couple of months to try and catch some fall walleyes so I may get to go fishing yet. Love the show, and you ARE fishing funny man!

  • Jchoochee

    Dear Dave,
    I would be very much interested if you would pick me, when I go fishing. I wait for 6 hours until I catch a fish, I usually catch the smallest fish, or none. My friends or family usually catch lots of fish or the biggest ones.

  • scott purdy

    I NEEEEEEEEED TO GO FISHING NOW(the winter blues are already here)

  • Shanestorie

    I want to go fishing with Dave because I know he will have subway sandwiches in his boat and I love bass fishing! Come to olympia washington Dave! We have 108 lakes just in the county I live in an there mostly all good largemouth and smallmouth fisherys! VIVA LA the northwest!

  • Ed Santa Maria

    Pick me, pick me, pick me.

  • Anonymous

    This contest ended a year ago sorry