Hurray! New Possible IGFA Records!

Written by Dave Mercer on October 21, 2010

To have your name immortalized in print and being able to say “I caught the biggest fish in the world” would be a dream come true for most anglers.   Check out Field and for a few of this years lucky new unofficial records.  There are 126 different entries and they include a 5lb 3oz Spotted Bass caught by young Anne Louise Voelz and a 12lb 8oz Tigerfish caught by Stan Nabozny! 

Ann Louise Voelz
Lafayette, IN
Spotted Bass
Female Smallfry Record

Weight: 5 lb. 3 oz.

Stan Nabozny, Texas

All-Tackle World Record North African Tigerfish
Weight: 12 lb., 8 oz.

Let us know if you are actively pursuing a world record or have caught one in the past.  We’d all love to hear the story!