Hooked 911

Written by Dave Mercer on October 15, 2010

Everyone has seen pictures and heard stories of hooks stuck in people.  We always think, that happens to people who don’t know what they’re doing or I would never make that mistake……..  Unfortunately I did!

I’d taken a friend to a small lake for Musky.  He had just bought a medium action Shimano Clarus and was excited to use it so he tied on a blue fox musky spinner.  He saw something he liked on the opposite side of the boat and switched sides.  He didn’t cast over his outside shoulder though and the bait hit me so hard it knocked me right off my feet.  I yelled “I’m OK” but then I felt the lure still on my head and realized there was a problem…  It had hit so hard it drove both hooks completely through my hat, right to the bend of and one was right down to the skull.  We’d only been fishing for 10 min. so I wouldn’t quit fishing for another hour and a half ( I wanted to catch a big fish, how cool would that picture have looked- me with a giant fish in my hands and a bait in my head lol)  but eventually the pain started getting to me.

We drove to the hospital, where one of the nurses actually cursed when she saw the size of hook in my head, I laughed (to hide my tears).  The Dr. said there was going to be a small prick when he put the needle in and was that Ok?  I laughingly said, I have 2 hooks in my head, I don’t think a needle is a problem.  He couldn’t pull the hooks directly out of my head because it was lifting my head off the pillow (I was not coming off!) so he made incisions where the barbs were.  I still couldn’t keep my head down so I had to help him hold it down.  He was then able to pop the hooks out with a pair of pliers.

He said it was the biggest hook he’s ever pulled out of someone and the hardest he’s ever had to pull!  Two records in one shot!  Sweet.  I still have the hook and it still has some of my hair on it, lol.

(It’s hard enough to get 1 pinned in a musky but no, I got both)

I won’t ever forget the lessons I learned that day and I hope by sharing, neither will you.

  • Make sure you can cast safely.  Looking behind you before you cast , cast the way you feel most comfortable and finally, be in control.  You don’t need to cast yourself out of your socks to catch fish!
  • Always make sure the lure you are throwing isn’t to heavy for your fishing pole – a rod that isn’t stiff enough will throw the lure out at a lower trajectory because it bends too much (head level apparently)
  • Don’t leave unused baits laying around on the floor or hooked to the side of the boat.  Put them away so you can find them easily and so they don’t find you first!
  • Have a plan – talk about what happens if someone gets hooked and give everyone a task to perform.  1 person look after the boat, 1 person help the hooked person, etc.  If there are children that are to young to help it can be as simple as “watch for rocks”.  They will stay calm and out of your way because they have something to focus on.
  • Finally what ever you do-don’t go fishing with my buddy lol!

I know some of you reading this have a crazy story about getting hooked or maybe a tip on what to do if you do get hooked.  Well we want to hear them, leave a comment with your story ( we promise not to laugh )

  • Kelly Bocock

    I was fishing with a buddy on the Ohio river and he was trolling the boat. I was crank'en when my bait hit a tree in the water. I let him know I had a snag, but he must have not heard me or something like that. I thought I could pop off and when I did it had the combined force of me pulling and him trolling….POP~~~ It shot my crank bait like a slug out of a 10 gauge shot gun. I put my hand up to protect my eyes and it got my WACK. With stars in my eyes I felt. It got me and was still there. I asked my buddy to cut it out and he said wait wait wait hold still. I thought he was getting the pliers, but he pulled out the camera. After about 6 shots later he decided to help pull the hooks out of my head and ear. The only thing I regret is not getting a copy of the pictures of my hillbilly earring. Oh, we fished all day and caught allot of fish. Never just say I'll just pop it off because you could pop it on…Your head. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • factsoffishing

    That is an awesome story wish we could see the pictures