Hillbilly Ice Fishing

Written by Dave Mercer on February 2, 2011

OK I just want to openly state that we at Facts of Fishing World Wide Headquarters do not encourage or condone what these dudes are doing in this video. But we do find it funny and hey you have to give it to them – that sure beats drilling a hole with a rusty old hand auger. Only down side is the noise may really mess up the fishing for a little while !

In the famous words of two of my favorite  SCTV characters, Big Jim McBob (Joe Flaherty) and Billy Sol Hurok (John Candy) “Those Boys Blew It Up Real Good”

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  • http://www.lookatmylunker.com Adrian Fiorino

    “May the good lawd take a likin’ to your fave perch hole and blow it up real soon!” Love it! I’m wondering though, what’s all the black stuff surrounding the hole? Fish parts? LOL.

  • bigdukesix

    otherwise known as Criminal violation of the Wildlife code.

  • Anonymous

    Wow how did I know that someone was going to say that right away. If you
    look at there You Tube comments they say this was shot on there private
    property so it was legal. Right or wrong, good or bad that is up to the

  • Stephen Lymburner

    That blowed up real good !!!

  • Anonymous

    Blowed Up Real Good!!!!

  • matt

    and all this time i have been wasting gas on my auger…..lol

  • Jesse

    you would have to drill a hole a little ways down rite?…not saying im gunna try it or anythin lol

  • Crazzyjunior

    I wonder what they used? as long as the ice wasn’t to thick an M-80 probably woulda worked nicely….Although they are illegal here in Canada…I’ve heard they are equal to a 1/4 stick of Dynamite.

  • http://www.brookfieldangler.com BrookfieldAngler

    HA! I think the folks at factsoffishing.com should do a detailed cost comparison between a auger options and explosive options