Fish We Don’t Need No Stinking Fish!

Written by Dave Mercer on January 27, 2011

Well I have to admit it; I have been whining a bit lately about doing way too much talking about fishing and not actually doing it enough. Then I found this story on Yahoo News about a new type of virtual fishing that is becoming popular in Japan, but I still don’t think this really solves my problem. However, the one up side is you can do this kind of fishing while you are on the can lol.

Virtual fishing to get reel in Japan

Agence France PresseBy Yoshikazu Tsuno | AFP News – Tue, 25 Jan 3:50 AM EST

Good news for busy, urban anglers: Japanese toymaker Tomy will release an augmented reality fishing rod allowing users to feel a bite and reel in a heavy fish regardless of their location.

“Virtual Masters Real” — a palm-sized rod with an antenna-like tip equipped with a reeling handle and small screen — will go on sale in Japan in July for 6,279 yen ($76), Tomy said on Tuesday.

The rod’s camera uses special technology to augment any location shown on the screen with “fishing opportunities”, potentially giving offices, streets and shopping malls the refined air of a relaxing day by the lakeside.

Or, depending on the size of the fish, users could find themselves haunted by a virtual obsession to rival Captain Ahab’s pursuit of Moby Dick.

A whirring sound accompanies the simulated casting of the line, as well as a satisfying “plunk” when the sinker hits the water, the company said.

The harder the user casts out, the further the line flies on the screen. A bite on the line is conveyed by a vibrating reel with the “weight” on the line changing in accordance with the size of the fish, it said.

If the fish is successfully hooked, the reel will shake as users work to reel in the virtual beast. The line will go limp if the fish is allowed to escape.

Tomy has set a sales target of 300,000 units for the first year of sales as it looks to cash in on the rising popularity of outdoor leisure activities, including fishing, in Japan, the company said.

Hey on a side note if someone from Tomy Toys is reading this I am all for a Dave Mercer Signature Series Game complete with the lost fish scream, big fish giggle, and hey we can even add a minnow bucket break when you hit pause lol.

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  • Richard Arsineault

    “Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.” –Ann Landers
    hmmmm… Not so sure this quote would fit in here Dave… ;S