Fish Love, Is it Wrong?

Written by Sarah on June 7, 2011

NBA star Gilbert Arenas is a noted fish lover – he built a home with three major fish tanks for his shark collection. The biggest one is 10,0000 gallons. Reportedly the retail price of tanks alone would have been about a half million bucks. One of them even has an area with a couch built into it so he can “relax and look up at the fish.” He spends $5,000 a month on their food and another $1,500 a month for their caretaker.

But last week he took his fish love to a new level.

People laugh at Dave for kissing bass? Dave ain’t got nothin’ on old Agent Zero.

Gil went fishing last week and hooked into a tasty grouper….and then proceeded to lick it.

The tweet says it all: “Nothing wrong with lickin groupies from time to time.”

This blog is courtesy of Pete Robbins, Facts of Fishing blogger and Dave’s good buddy!

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