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Written by Dave Mercer on November 30, 2010

So, this past weekend I took part in a charitable quiz show at The Outdoor Canada Great Outdoors Show in Toronto. I figured hey, its a quiz show against other pro anglers, how hard can that be? lol. I gotta give it to the folks at Outdoor Canada they assembled an amazing line up of anglers for The Fishing For Answers Quiz Show that was hosted by Outdoor Canada’s Patrick Walsh and Gord Pyzer. The roster included Real Fishing’s Bob Izumi, Fishing Canada’s Angelo Viola, Pete Bowman & Mike Miller, Fish TV’s Leo Stakos & Ron James, Bass Fishing Legends Roland Martin & Jimmy Houston, oh, and I guess somehow they had an extra spot so they invited me!

Well, after random drawing my team was picked; Roland Martin, Bob Izumi & Dave Mercer. Not sure why but the whole time that song from Sesame Street kept going through my head. You know the one…One of these things is not like the other onessss…One of these things is not the same…One of these things is not like the other onessssss….

So after it was all said and done our team got a top 3 finish (there was only 3 teams lol) But a bunch of money was donated to a great cause and a lot of laughs were had. But one of the coolest things in the whole quiz show was that our Twitter account made it as one of the trivia questions! The reason this all seems so cool to me is  that when we first started tweeting and facebooking a few years ago a bunch of people in the fishing world just thought it was weird and a waist of time. Well, now it seems like almost everyone is tweeting and facebooking and learning that its all about keeping in touch with their viewers. So, thanks to everyone that follows me here or on facebook or on twitter. Without you guys reading my random ramblings, those people that thought it was weird would have been right!

Also congrats to all of you that follow my twitter account – you guys all were part of the trivia question. If you don’t follow me please do (all the cool kids are doing it lol) @http://twitter.com/factsoffishing

Here is the question

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