Facts of Fishing THE SHOW is Back

Written by Dave Mercer on January 6, 2012

The new season of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW will premiere this weekend on The Score & The Score HD in Canada. Tune in Saturday Jan 7th at 9AM & Sunday Jan 8th at 8AM to see all the action. Once again we will show everything from backlashes to big fish so get ready to laugh, learn & get hooked on the 5th season of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW.

In the 1950′s they had the super secret decoder ring to get the behind the scenes info, now we have twitter. I  will be tweeting LIVE behind the scenes info about the show during the Sat Jan 7th airing at 9AM. So make sure to follow me on twitter by clicking here

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  • Zach Walker

    They should really air it here in the states I’m jealous!!

  • Anonymous

    Zach, Stay tuned we will have some info for U.S viewers soon. What channel do you watch other fishing shows on ?

    Dave Mercer

  • RatherBfishin

    my favorite fishing show by far, next time your in Niagara Ill show you the better spots ;)

  • Anonymous

    Stay tuned

  • http://www.twinlakes.com.au/ tasmanian fishing

    The picture posted of a huge fish seems to be great in all respect. Catching it is a great success. Amazing !

  • Anonymous

    It was an awesome fish & that show will be on in a few weeks.
    Hope your watching

    Dave Mercer