Facts of Fishing for Kids Day at Ontario Place Sept 18th!

Written by Dave Mercer on September 9, 2010

It’s time for the kids to put on their lucky fishing hats, sunglasses and head down to Ontario Place Sept. 18 from 10am – 3pm where this year’s Facts of Fishing for Kids Day will take place.  This is a FREE event for kids and Ontario Place has provided a coupon to cover the admission to the grounds! So make sure to print out the coupon and hand it in at the admission gates (one per person).  The first 400 kids will also receive a free gift bag filled with great stuff! There will also be prizes to be won throughout the day.  Kids of all fishing levels are encouraged to come out to meet Dave, learn and have lots of FUN!

Click here to download the coupon.

  • Michelle

    Went to the fall fishing festival last year and the kids LOVED it. We met Dave for the first time their and have been watching his show faithfully since. It's awesome and the tips he gives are so useful. Just picked up the Volaeus rod and those red hooks he's always talking about. Now just got to get out and give them a try. We've always loved fishing but that festival helped get the kids interested in it even more. My boys wear their shirts and hats proudly and when the lines gets tangled or they lose that fish they were waiting forever to catch we frequently hear those three little words Dave taught them….”SON OF A…”. Gotta love it :)

  • factsoffishing

    I look forward to seeing you there again this year.

  • Eclipz1

    My son and nephew are both hooked on your show. My son is four and says son of a all the time..get a kick out of it..my nephew just picked up fishing and he loves it..we all can't wait to see you there and to enjoy a great day of fishing fun

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to seeing you there

  • Aaron

    what are the age limits because my 14 year old brother wants to go

  • Mfbassman

    where is your new boat???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • factsoffishing

    There is no age limit all are welcome see you there

  • factsoffishing

    No new boat yet

  • Justfishing

    Can't wait for next Saturday Dave…rug rat's galore and fishing to boot!!!!

    BIG JIM…getting stoked!!!!

  • factsoffishing

    Looking forward to hanging with ya Big Jim

  • SKC

    This is the first time I heard about this event and my children are looking forward to it. Can someone please brief me on how it goes? Do we need to bring own fishing rod?

  • factsoffishing

    We have rods that you can use there. But if you don't want to share

    it's always good to bring your own rods. It's all free and it's all

    about having fun. It runs from 10-3 and the first 400 kids get a free

    prize bag. Hope to See you there

  • Alix-wolters

    My son is 7 and fish obessed. We spent the summer fishing at the cottage so what a great event. Looking forward to it

  • factsoffishing

    See you there!

  • Mike Taraschi

    Hey Dave, wish I could go, got no ride :( woulda been a blast man.

  • Gwarwick5273

    Aw Dave, why did you have to pick my daughters b-day weekend… My kids would have love to go, yes they both know who you are are ages 7 and 3… haha *next year, bump it up a week please* Have a great time all.

  • factsoffishing


  • Seasonspass

    What age group is this event for?

  • factsoffishing

    All ages

  • John

    Do I need to buy and bring a rod equip. etc.for the kids? or are they avail. there to borrow or purchase?

  • factsoffishing

    We will have rods there to borrow but you will have to share them. If

    you have your own feel free to bring them. It starts at 10 am and the

    first 400 kids get a gift pack.

  • cindy

    we went yesterday and had fun my kids 11 and 8 had lots of fun going next year again do u know when the pictures will go up?

  • factsoffishing

    It will take a while to sort them but we are hoping that they are up

    for some time Monday. Thanks for coming out and I look forward to

    seeing you next year.

  • Cindy

    Oh Ok Thank you.See you next year.