Written by Sarah on May 11, 2011

You never miss the water until the well runs dry….or something like that.

Did you read on BassFan that one of the lures Steve Kennedy used to win a hundred thousand bones this past week on West Point was a discontinued swimbait? Have no fear for SK, though – his dad Van bought 300 of them (yes, the two zeroes are needed) on sale for a buck-ninety-nine each.

Which brings me to my question: With so many crappy (as well as crappie) baits on the market, why do so many of the good ones go by the wayside?

Case in point: a decade and a half ago I found a buzzbait that came through stringy, sticky grass untouched and held up to beatings from big Potomac River bass. Shortly thereafter, the manufacturer (a local mom-and-pop deal) stopped making them. I had two in my possession. A few years later I found another small manufacturer buzzbait that was every bit as good, if not better. I bought up several dozen. Good thing, too, since the owner of the company later pled guilty to mail and wire fraud and ended up in the clink. He may have been cellmates with Bubba, eating industrial-grade gruel, but I was in hawg heaven, still whacking big’uns on his pre-incarceration lures.

I wasn’t so lucky with another big purchase. In 1998, Texas pro Randy Dearman inadvertently introduced me to a worm that outproduced any other bait we tried on a Carolina Rig that day at Sam Rayburn. When they were later discontinued, I bought them by the caseload. I’ve probably caught fewer than a dozen bass on them ever since. They sit in my garage, lonely orphans of my tackle addiction. Makes me wonder about Steve Kennedy’s garage. I’m guessing that the magic swimbait isn’t the only lure he and dear old dad have invested in over the years. I’m sure there are boxes and boxes of oddball stuff, forgotten baits and products that defy the imagination. At $600 a pop, it could get to be an expensive habit – although it only takes one hundred grand paycheck to make those rolls of the dice worthwhile.

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