Cat, the other white meat?

Written by Sarah on July 7, 2011

Kerr Reservoir, also known as Buggs Island, is a 50,000 acre lake that straddles the border of North Carolina and Virginia. The area has hosted a number of BASS events over the years. It’s a good striper fishery and an excellent crappie hole. Additionally, it’s one of the many lakes where Carolina crankers like David Fritts, Gerald Beck, Jeff Coble and Smiley Wright honed their craft. You can get some pretty darn good barbecue nearby.

But all of those accolades and identifiers now pale in comparison to the thing that it’ll be known for from now on…

Cat scratch fever

Cat on a hot tin roof

Cat in an oversized cradle

A cat so big it could pick up a basketball, dunk it, and leave LeBron begging for mercy.

A hundred and forty three pounds of blue catfish, to be exact.

I’m no stranger to ugly fish. We’ve got snakeheads on the Potomac. I’ve caught plenty of bowfin in my time. I don’t blink twice at water spouting gar. But this thing, as my five year old niece would say is “dis-gus-ting.” I just envision these dudes cutting its stomach open and, like the scene in Jaws, all manners of detritus falling to the ground….license plates, tin cans, mailboxes, stuff like that. I’ve gone swimming in Kerr once or twice, but after reading the articles and seeing this picture, I’ve gotta tell you I don’t think I’ll even dip a toe in the future.

This blog was written by Pete Robbins, Facts of Fishing blogger and Dave’s good buddy.

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    So funny this really its a stranger to ugly fish. well good lucky to all of You