Calamari Fiesta

Written by Sarah on September 28, 2011

According to the Los Alamitos Seal Beach Patch (that’s a hard newspaper name to digest), there’s some good news: Humboldt Squid (also hard to digest) have invaded the waters off Huntington Beach, California and are ripe for the picking. The paper tells us that one boat out of Long Beach Marina “encountered the 2-5 lb mollusks in big schools near some of the offshore oil rigs” and the inference is that a good time was had by all.

Well, maybe not all.  The newspaper also reports that the squid “have a penchant for squirting copious quantities of cold sea-water in there predators face. In other cases, instead of water, some anglers are squirted with ink.” Bring your Gore-Tex, mateys.

According to Wikipedia, these giant squid can grow to be nearly 6 feet long and a hundred pounds. They also have teeth. And there are confirmed reports of them attacking scuba divers. Remind me: what’s fun about this again?

I’ve caught big rays and other creatures that didn’t neatly fit into the “normal” fish category, but I don’t think I’ll be chasing these squid any time soon. In fact, given their ability to travel at speeds of 15 mph, I’m headed out to the pool right now to work on my open water swimming, in case one chases me.

Another great blog by Facts of Fishing blogger, Pete Robbins.

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  • Kenneth Northcutt

    I never seen squid that big but I wish I could. You had a great fight with that huge squid! Glad you’ve succeeded. I can’t imagine those dark inks and how tricky to catch that giant squid. Anyhow, Thank you for sharing this post. I liked it and I’m surely be back here.