Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Written by Sarah on February 18, 2011

OK, so Bassmaster Classic practice day is over and I’ve had a chance to talk to both Gerald Swindle and Dave Mercer about how their time in the boat together went. The ever-gracious G-Man, fresh off a big win in Florida, was complimentary — he said that they had a great time. Then again, he was allowed to fish. Mercer, who for the first time in his life had to go out in a fishing boat and not fish, was less excited by Wednesday’s activities.

“We had a big fight and we broke up,” Dave said.

Asked if Swindle’s persona was the same while preparing to fish for $500,000 as it is on stage, Dave was still down in the dumps. “Unfortunately, yes,” he replied. “He’s 100 percent exactly the same person.”

Perhaps Dave’s grumpiness wasn’t really Gerald’s fault. Dave himself even admitted as much. “I almost ruined my career by picking up a rod and making a cast. After all, I come from a part of the world where there’s snow on the ground right now. I mean, if I was from Texas and I’d been out fishing last week it would be different, but I had trouble just sitting there.”

What would you do if forced to hang in the boat for 8 hours and not make a cast? Knit? Play Parcheesi? Write a letter to Santa Claus?

This blog was written by Facts of Fishing blogger and all around great guy Pete Robbins.

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  • Adrian Fiorino

    I’d probably eat junk food and surf YouTube on my smartphone…

  • Invader Nik

    u could talk to him. listen to music on ur phone

  • Christopher Barr

    It may be hard for Dave because he’s already a pro fisherman, and he loves to fish. But for me to be able to watch someone, especially Dave during a day of taping a show, tourny etc. You’d learn so much, and it would be pretty frigg’n cool! Don’t worry Dave, 2 more months or so and we’ll be able to get out on the water…


    Chris (The Ottawa Valley ON Canada)

  • Christopher Barr

    I’d observe and learn… Remember Dave, you said in your book “you never stop learning”… :D


    The Ottawa Valley ON.

  • BrookfieldAngler

    I’d hold head in the livewell to end the siffering