Book Signing Dates – Facts Of Fishing 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Dave Mercer on November 4, 2010

As shocking as it may seem to some that Dave Mercer is now actually a published author. Imaging how shocked many of his former school teachers are! Well the shock is over and Dave’s first book Facts of Fishing 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know has been in stores for a little over a week. If the first week is the judge, it looks like a hit! Only days after it’s release, ranked it #1 on their Best Seller List for it’s category.  The biggest problem the book has faced so far is staying in stock.

Dave has collected the best tips, tricks and secrets into a handy, compact guide that’s ideal for a stocking, glove compartment and tackle box. And it’s guaranteed to help Canadians catch more fish because as Dave says, it’s all fun and games ’till someone loses a fish.

Well just like all the other big shot author’s out there; once the book hits the stores so do the authors to do book signings. Well Dave is no different and the first few dates of his signing have been set. So please make sure to mark the dates in your calender and come out and get a signed copy of Facts Of Fishing 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know.

Sunday Nov 21 at 1pm
Book Signing and Meet and Greet
Chapters – Peterborough
873 Lansdowne Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 1Z5


Sunday Nov 28 at 1pm
Book Signing and Meet and Greet
Chapters – Barrie
76 Barrie View Drive,
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 8V4

Saturday Dec 18 at 1pm
Seminar, Book Signing and Meet and Greet
Bass Pro Shops-Vaughan

One Bass Pro Mill Drive
Vaughan, Ontario
L4K 5W4
(905) 761-4000

Please leave a comment and let us know what event you will be coming to

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  • Eldon And Family

    Hope to be able to make the drive from London. We love your show its a family viewing event every week!! Congratulations on the book!

  • Linda Miller

    Wow!! This is a great Christmas gift idea! For me!!

  • factsoffishing

    Make sure to tell Santa to come get one signed for you. Or come on out

    to one of the signings yourself. I'm hoping to see a lot of viewers at

    these events. I will be making sure to bring some prizes and stuff to

    them so it will be fun for all.

    Dave Mercer

  • Sondra

    Bring yourself to the states!

  • factsoffishing


    You just may be seeing me down there a bunch this year. Stay tuned for

    some details!

    Dave Mercer

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I hope to be in Ottawa this winter

  • Anonymous

    Hope to see you there

    Dave Mercer

  • Christian_vincent

    Hey Dave When are you coming to Ottawa?

    love the book …easy to read even for a frenchman like me

    a la prochaine mon chum!!

  • Bfvsforever

    Ok Dave, where's the book? Is it going to be sold in the US? I would like to get a copy. I cannot find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or even the store portion of your web site. What's up Big Guy?

  • Wtb58

    Dave,we love the show, my 3 year old calls you the 'crazy man”…hope you can come to the USA soon…

  • factsoffishing

    Stay tuned I hope to have a bunch of dates there this year.

  • factsoffishing

    You have to go to to get it in the US right now. Sorry we

    hope to add more US locations soon

    Dave Mercer


    yo big fishermen your book is fantastic. i will see you at bass pro shops in december for you to sign my book.i dont care how good fishermen are out there they have to read your book…awsome..RICHARD R

  • factsoffishing

    Awesome thanks!

    See you on Dec 18th

    Dave Mercer

  • Rick Young

    Amazing book, very handy and very informative. I have enjoyed it very much. Will be seeing you at Bass Pro on the 18th. Look forward to meeting you.

    Rick Y

  • factsoffishing

    Thank you very much for your kind words it means a lot to me. Glad you

    liked the book and I am looking forward to seeing you at Bass Pro

    Shops on Dec 18th

    Dave Mercer

  • Ed Vienneau

    I guess this will be added to my list of Mercer'ing!! I have the book and it is great!! But it is missing one little thing….Dave Mercer's autograph!! See you at the book signing Dave!

  • factsoffishing

    Awesome see you there. I will also be doing a seminar at the one at Bass

    Pro Shops on Dec 18th.


    *Dave Mercer*

  • Brian Sorel

    Hi Dave!
    Just picked up a copy at Indigo Books for my girlfriend. She loves your show
    and I got her it for Christmas. We have been fishing together for the past two years
    and in that time we I think I only went out one time without her. She is a treasure!
    Would have loved to get a signed copy but I'm in Quebec and it's a bit of a drive :-)
    Hope to meet you some time and I will have a copy handy.

    All the best.

  • factsoffishing

    I hope to meet you and would be happy to sign the book when I'm out your way sometime in the future. Please keep an eye on the where's Dave section of the site as we update it with events I will be at often.

    Dave Mercer