Big Man in the Boat

Written by Sarah on October 13, 2011

Who knew? Three time All-Pro defensive tackle Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots, owner of a Super Bowl ring, is an avid angler.

At a recent charity event for a teammate’s foundation ( – cool outdoor stuff, check ‘em out), the game of the day was sporting clays, but Wilfork spent most of his time working a fly rod.

After this past January’s Pro Bowl, he and his wife Bianca chartered a boat to go offshore. Unfortunately, they came home empty. “I’ve fished all my life, but it was my first time out here,” he told the Boston Herald. “It was slow. The timing just wasn’t right. We needed to be out there early in the morning, or later in the evening. We were there midday. We still thought we could work some mojo. But what can you do? It happens” Just like any ardent angler, he combined optimism with a sense of wonder that things could’ve been done better.

Here’s where he differs from most anglers – Wilfork is 6’2” and 325 pounds, with cat-like quickness . He also has two interceptions in the past three games. Let me put it this way: you don’t want to get in front of him when he’s rumbling, stumbling and bumbling down the field. We’ve got plenty of big dudes in the world of fishing, but most of them got that way from crackers and Moon Pies, not a steady diet of weightlifting and protein shakes. Which brings me to my final question – for all I know, Wilfork may be a tremendous flycaster, but that’s something I’ll have to see to believe. Maybe in the rough and tumble world of saltwater flycasting he’s a brute, but if he can lay down a size #20 dry fly and mend his line while balancing himself in icy cold mountain water, even this die hard NY Giants fan will tip my hat to a Patriot standout.

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