Anatomically Correct

Written by Sarah on August 16, 2011

Check this out: Across the big pond in Germany they’ve installed a giant statute of a bathing beauty in Hamburg’s Alster Lake.  What does it say about my skewed priorities that my first thought was “Would it hold fish?’’

Imagine the tournament possibilities, watching two Bassmaster anglers jockeying their boats for a key spot near her left knee.  Pull a big topwater bait next to the right side of her head and watch a big bass blow up on it before it can enter her ear canal. Or maybe we could sponsor the creation of a number of similar artistry, thereby making it less of a “spot” and more of a “pattern.”

Just pray they don’t drop the water overnight. That would mess things up on a number of levels. We might even have to pixillate our TV coverage of The Bassmasters.

This blog was written by Facts of Fishing blogger and Dave’s good buddy, Pete Robbins.

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