Al Lindner On Facts Of Fishing

Written by Dave Mercer on December 13, 2010

OK, OK! So it’s not really the Facts of Fishing that you were thinking of, It’s the original Facts of Fishing. The crazy thing is it was not until a few years ago that I even knew that the original name of the Lindner’s show was Facts of Fishing. When I did find out about it my first thought was OH NO I’m going to get sued by AL LINDNER! Then my second thought was COOL I’m going to get sued by Al Lindner! It’s not everday that a guy gets a chance to get sued by one of their childhood heros lol.  But nobody was going to sue anyone; I guess that was back before everyone had to registered all their names with Trade Mark Lawyers.

However, I have to be honest; when I picked the name Facts of Fishing I had no idea that it was once used by a group of anglers that I had spent countless hours studying and learning from. But now that I know it was, somehow it just makes me like the name even more. I guess it kind of works out as a tribute to one of the greatest angling families of our time. They have taught millions of anglers how to catch more fish and continue to do so today. The amazing thing about The Lindners is they never sit still. Their quest to teach and constantly raise the bar when it comes to show production is AWESOME. 41 years ago they first appeared on TV screens  and quickly became leaders in our sport and industry and they are still leading today.

Thank you Al, Ron, James and the whole Lindner family for everything you have taught us and continue to teach us!

Please leave a comment and tell us how the Lindner’s have helped you catch fish over the years.

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  • Anglers-Jack Penny

    I fished with Al as well as Larry Dahlberg at the Lindners Camp Fish many years ago. Now that I am am outdoor writer and author, I owe so much to the Lindner family that all I can say now is,… Thank You Al and Ron and may God give you his highest blessings.

  • Happdoesfloors

    i have watched the Linders for as long as the programhas been available in Canada….have learnt a ton of info … why i like Facts of Fishing today….it is the real deal…no 2 weeks spent in a lodge if that is what it takes to get a show…some days even the pros dont do so well…..makes us ametears not feel so foolish if we have a bad day ….pleas keep up the awsome work you do…Linders ..and Dave

  • Grampa1114

    If you’ve watched any of the Lindner’s fishing shows…ever…you’ve learned something

  • Youhoo2

    They have ruled the water for ever and with Gods backing will continue to educate and make us all better People and fisherman. Thanks Al and the whole Lindner gang. Love your shows and Love what you stand for. Keep it up.