A New Set of Legends

Written by Sarah on August 4, 2011

Straight outta Minnesota, by way of West Virginia, by way of several universities who tried unsuccessfully to impose basic rules on him, Randy Moss has retired from football. Now, instead of torturing cornerbacks and safeties, he’ll have free reign over the bass, just like in this picture.

If only we can get Mr. Brett Fav-ruh, the most un-retiring QB in football history, to officially call it quitsville, we’ll have us a grudge match.

No offense to the likes of Guy Eaker and Ken Cook, who’ve done more for the sport of bass fishing than just about any other 20 dudes combined, but I’d love to hear the trash talk if you got Randy and Brett in the boat during next year’s BASS All-Star week.

This blog was written by Dave’s buddy & Facts of Fishing blogger, Pete Robbins.

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