A Different Way of Measuring Fish?

Written by Sarah on April 21, 2011

Do we judge largemouth bass tournaments by which fish has the largest mouth? Are smallmouths graded by the number of vertical bars? What about walleyes – do you get more points if they’re more wall-eyed? Of course not. In most cases, we grade our fish on pure poundage. But those saltwater guys are a bit different. Down in Jacksonville, Florida, the Florida Times-Union sponsored a “Redfish Roundup” in which anglers were rewarded for catching the most spotted fish.

Is there a way to target fish with more spots versus those that are only mildly spotted? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyway, Otis Chauncey came out on top, catching a barely 18-inch redfish with a massive 27 spots on it’s body (that’s 1.5 spots per inch – thanks to Mrs. Murphy, my 2nd grade math teacher).

$7,500 bucks later, my man Otis could be, ahem, spotted across the room smiling from ear to ear.

Next up: leopard hunting or maybe a Dalmatian derby. Try counting the spots on one of those suckers.


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