Hook, Line & Subway Winners

Written by Dave Mercer on August 27, 2010

Grand Prize Winner:
1. Dario Petri, Richmond Hill
Secondary Prize Winners:
1. Marcello Marra, Etobicoke
2. Andre Larocqae, Markham
3. Corey Pecoskie, Combermere
4. Erica Longstaff, Brockville
5. Luce Mercier-Coburn, Ottawa
6. Jeff Servos, London
7. Kyle Gilbert, Wiarton
8. Sandra Braga, Kitchener
9. Joseph Bronsnan, Brampton
10. Ronald Scott Purdy, Niagara Falls
11. Richard Fiutowski, Ottawa
12. Mike Thompson, Oshawa
13. Kevin Smith, Oakville
14. James Bedell, Oshawa
15. Kim Mitchell, Ennismore
16. Paul McKillen, St. Thomas
17. Brian Follett, Prescott
18. Kerry Simpson, Toronto
19. Donald Showers, Tillsonburg
20. Philippe Beaudoin, Ottawa
21. Chris Feldman, Niagara Falls
22. Ryan Payette, Cornwall
23. Chris Hill, Curve Lake
24. Kim Mitchell, Ennismore
25. Jeff McLean, Bourget
26. Paul MacPherson, Gravenhurst
27. Jason Stamp, Minden
28. T.J. Reid, Amherstview
29. Ron Barrette, Ottawa
30. Renee Berry, Nepean
31. Mark Seitz, Churchill
32. Mark Antuchiewicz, Brampton
33. Karl Elsner, Lefroy
34. Jamie Erwin, Tomasburg
35. Andre Carriere, Bracebridge
36. Geoff Ross, Ottawa
37. Jeff Heaney, Guelph
38. Mark Harrison, Hamilton
39. Wayne Knapp, Cobourg
40. Peter O’Brien, Brampton
41. Gord Buxton, Stouffville
42. Robert Terpstra, St. Catherines
43. Catalino Reyes, Markham
44. Suzette James, Brampton
45. Roy Scott, Richmond Hill
46. Jack Summers, Brampton
47. Donna Elliot, Markham
48. Stephen Bustard, Toronto
49. Elizabeth Hill, Toronto
50. Martin Blais, Brampton
51. Remo Carpeneto, Mississauga
52. James Bedell, Oshawa
53. John Wood, Barrie
54. Dirk Jahn, Ajax
55. Dinesh Thakur, Etobicoke
56. Joe Monardo, Woodbridge
57. Raymond Parkin, Kingston
58. Blair McLachlan, Waterdown
59. Susan Fex, Val Caron
60. Fady Mettias, Mississauga
61. Prashant Patel, Scarborough
62. Karine Lalonde, Alfred
63. John Rudyk, Etobicoke
64. Candice Feinrip, Maple
65. Robert Gourlay, Metcalfe
66. Christopher M. Kane, Barrie
67. John Shinioa, Toronto
68. Christina Belfour, Bornholm
69. Fred Mauti, Orangeville
70. John McLellan, Claremont
71. Mark Bourgon, Ingleside
72. Carolyn Gilbert, Parry Sound
73. Angela Brands, Bayfield
74. Lee Scott, Mississauga
75. Nicholas Sample, Penetanguishene
76. David William Mitchell, Keswick
77. Karen Lynn Haner, Kemptville
78. Laura Erwin, Thomasburg
  • Jahn Dirk

    How much longer do I need to wait for my prize?

    Dirk Jahn

  • factsoffishing
  • Bridget Copeland

    No one from Whitby!! :'(

  • factsoffishing

    Sorry it's the luck of the draw.

  • Dave

    They are all being shipped and you should have it in a few weeks

  • Gerryforeman

    Kim Mitchell won two times??

  • Zekeman45

    Small black type on dark grey background?
    How does one actually read this list?

  • factsoffishing

    You can only read it if your a winner lol. Only joking it must be a
    setting on your computer we will look into it. But I can see it fine

  • Foesterlin

    I used to watch the show. It was very entertaining and informative. I purchased many
    of the sponsers products on Dave's recomendation. BUT i live in western Pennnsylvania
    so i couldn't enter this…………………………I'm done.

  • factsoffishing

    Hi Forsterlin,
    First of all thank you for watching the show. However if you have
    stopped watching it because the contest was not in your area that is
    sad. I do not make the contest rules and laws. We have many web
    contests in that are open to our U.S viewers. But this was a Subway
    Ontario contest it was even open to Canadians outside of Ontario. So I
    would hope that you would think about what you are saying next time
    and not hold one contest against us. If you do them you will just miss
    out on many other contests. Once again thanks for your support I just
    feel that your judgement on this one is way off base.

    Dave Mercer

  • David W.

    Dave… I didn't win and that makes me sad! However, congrats to Dari! Looks like him and the family are really going to enjoy the boat. Gotta say, I'm a huge fan of yours, Dave. Keep doing what you do! I started fishing at 27 (bit late) and I've improved leaps and bounds thanks to your tips. This year I caught the biggest Pike of my life – 41″, even doing a few tourneys. All the best and congrats to Dari!

  • http://www.bowriverblog.com Bowriverblog

    I concer with Dave, I NEVER let the little things get in the way of the big picture. I say get in on another contest and have FUN doing it.

    ~Mike at bowriverblog.

  • factsoffishing


  • Foesterlin

    Sorry Dave, I didn't meant that way.
    I quit to soon—I meant to say i was done rippin on subway.

  • factsoffishing

    No worries at all. Glad to hear you understand. Hope you keep watching
    and lovin Facts of Fishing.

  • John Wood

    Hello Dave
    John from Barrie here. I have had the pleasure of meeting you a few times in your travels. I,m also a lucky secondary winner from Subway. I,d like say congrats to the winner of the boat and thank you and Subway for the prizes. By the way since your without a boat for awhile, I,ll lend you mine to for a fix. lol
    Thanx Dave

    John Wood

  • factsoffishing

    Congrats John!

  • Srwfisher

    Nice to see a local boy win a BIG prize. Too many contests are run via the US and no one here stands a chance either by numbers or location to win . I didn't win(boo hoo) but me and my boys will still keep watching and participating in your contests and hope to see you again at the Spring Fishing Show in Toronto. Best Fishes Steve, Zach, Jake & Luc(

  • Anonymous

    Sorry that is a misprint