Tackle Autopsy

Written by Dave Mercer on February 4, 2011

All right- let’s be honest. There are tons of really cool fishing sites on the web today and a bunch that just waste your time like this one lol. Whether you want info on a type of fish, a hot new lure or just want to find out who won the last tournament, all that info is available to us at the click of a mouse. One of the originators and most innovative sites in the fishing world is www.tackletour.com . What’s tackletour.com? It’s a non-bias 100% independent site that reviews the latest and greatest tackle on the market and in some cases it has not even hit the stores yet when they review it.

Well, like I said these guys are original and are always looking for new ways to learn about the baits and gear they are looking at. They have done it again with their brand new feature called Tackle Autopsy? You heard me right, Tackle Autopsy. In the feature they cut into baits to really see what they are made of.

As a guy who spends a bunch of time on the water, I think this is great. Today’s tackle stores are packed with piles of awesome looking baits. However, once you hit the water with them, they all don’t look as awesome anymore. One of the major reasons for that is what’s inside a lure not just what’s on the outside. The inside of a lure is what, for the most part, controls how far you can cast it, what kind of action it has & basically whether or not it acts like something a fish will decide to MUNCH !

Congrats Tackle Tour on a great idea.

Click here to check out what bait the Tackle Tour Team are cutting into next

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  • http://www.lookatmylunker.com/ Adrian Fiorino

    I’ve never seen a lure gutted and filleted like a real fish before! I love websites that inform AND help me waste time in a good way.